The Best Medical Treatment to Cure Your Hair Loss

Male and female pattern hair loss is something that affects millions of Americans every year. There has long been the search for the cure to hair loss. The search for the cause of hair loss. There has been lotions and creams, lasers, and implants used to battle this crisis affecting millions. There is a solution, however, that has been taking off like no other medical procedure in a decade. That is PRP Therapy for hair loss and it is taking off because it works!

Not only does PRP treatments for hair loss restore hair follicle diameter and density, it does this without affecting your hormones or putting toxic chemicals into or onto your body! PRP treatments utilize the body's own incredible healing platelets to activate and stimulate your cells to healthy and active once again. This process happens because when you

concentrate down your body’s platelets, it becomes known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which contains highly concentrated proteins from your blood. These proteins are involved in the natural healing process, but we have concentrated them to 8-10x normal amounts. [The concentration of PRP is based on the quality of processing equipment used. The concentration will also affect what kind of results you can expect to have. We want our patients to experience the best results with the highest concentration of PRP, which is why we use the EmCyte concentrating system.] Since we are able to achieve super high concentrations of PRP, you can expect to get better results at Littleton PRP than at a clinic using ‘cheaper’ or ‘less expensive’ processing equipment.

You will hear more and more about PRP being used to treat hair loss because when things work, people are super happy and talk and share with their friends. If you find yourself suffering from hair loss, give Littleton PRP a call to schedule you initial consultation to talk about your individual situation. Hair loss will become a thing of the past, the more people utilize the incredible healing potential locked inside of your own body known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Your initial consultation with a Doctor at Littleton PRP has no cost and is meant to answer questions, go over the procedure, and schedule a time to see our Nurse Practitioner who will perform the procedure. Call right away as hair loss is easier to treat, like most things, sooner rather than later!

Dr Pablo


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