Why your hair is falling out and effective medical treatments for it

Hair loss is a condition that affects many people throughout their lives. Hair loss is prevalent is in 50% of women by the age of 50. Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is prevalent in 53% of men age 40-49 years old. Men suffer slightly more than women from alopecia. Your hair can be falling out or becoming more thin for many reasons. Some of those reasons include traction alopecia, alopecia areata or androgenic alopecia.

Alopecia areata is patchy hair loss that occurs in either men or women. This type of hair loss can be effectively treated with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy at Littleton PRP. In a controlled study, patients suffering from alopecia areata were treated with PRP in one location and a placebo in others. The areas that received PRP treatment for the alopecia areata showed significant improvements in the amount of hair. I have included a picture so that you can see for yourself!

Traction alopecia is due to physical pulling or stresses placed upon the hair follicles. This can be due to pulling the hair too tight for styling the hair. It can also be due to wearing heaving objects in the hair or dangling things too heavy from the hair. Androgenic alopecia can occur in both men and women. In men, androgenic alopecia is also known as male-pattern baldness. It typically begins with hair thinning or receding about the temples. It can lead to partial or complete baldness when left untreated. In women, androgenic alopecia is also known as female-pattern baldness. Female pattern baldness differs from male-pattern baldness because it presents itself with overall thinning of the hair. Female-pattern hair loss typically does not lead to complete baldness. It does however become noticeable, hard to style and can affect your self-esteem.

If you suffer from alopecia areata or androgenic alopecia, we can help you re-grow a thicker head of hair with your very own Platelet Rich Plasma. We perform Platelet Rich Plasma therapy at Littleton PRP by hyper-concentrating the growth factors found within your blood, and injecting them into the scalp! These small injections will increase the blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles, causing them to become active once again. Schedule your appointment with Littleton PRP today to begin the process of reactivating the hair follicles in your scalp.

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