PRP Knee Injections for Healing Your Knees

If knee pain has become part of your life and you live around Littleton CO, there is a proven new knee injection available at Littleton PRP. Littleton PRP is excited to offer the people of Denver CO and the surrounding communities Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) knee injections. This is a form of regenerative medicine that stimulates your body to heal tissue that has been previously unable to undergo the healing process. Our joints are surrounded by a cartilage capsule known as the articular capsule.

The articular capsule lacks direct blood supply and receives exchanges of nutrients and fresh gases by either diffusion or convection. Both of these processes are less advantageous than having direct blood supply to the area. Instead, they receive blood from arteries that go around the joint that slowly releases blood into the tissue. The blood then slowly diffuses into the joint complex. A slightly better way that the joint receives nourishment is through convection. Convection is essentially exercise. Exercise will pump the joints, forcing more blood and fluid to travel through the joint. While both of these methods get the joints nutrients and allow them to continue functioning, it is not the most advantageous system for getting the amount of blood to the area that is required for healing.

With advances in medical technology, we are now able to directly inject the knee, and other joints, with the components from the blood necessary to cause healing within the joint. It is an incredible new joint injection that may allow you to avoid knee surgery or surgery in other joints. Knee pain is something that affects more people than other joints because of our upright postures and the daily use they receive. Knee pain no longer needs to be a part of your life. PRP joint injections are becoming more and more common every day as their benefits become more known. If you are located around Denver and suffering with knee pain, I hope you make the time to visit Littleton PRP and find out how you can benefit from PRP joint injections. Regenerative medicine is how we will be able to continue to live longer and not suffer from painful, achy joints as we age. We are no longer left to suffer with knee pain without an effective and long lasting solution. PRP joint injections offer this lasting relief that you have been looking for. Schedule a consultation to have your history gone over by one of our doctors, have your joint examined radiologically and find out exactly if PRP joint injections are for you. Do not hesitate to take care of yourself and allow your joints the ability they deserve to heal themselves.

Dr Ness

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