Why doesn't insurance cover PRP Treatments?

As most of us know, healthcare for many industries in no longer about health...its about money. Big Pharma has a huge influence on the way doctors treat, the medicines they prescribe and the healthcare you receive. THAT'S NOT RIGHT. For the growing number of people who prefer to take natural routes to better health it is getting more and more expensive. WHY? Because natural alternatives don't make pharmaceutical companies money.

This is the reason your insurance company doesn't cover PRP. They collaborate with large pharmaceutical companies, and have no motivation to cover things that don't benefit them or their partners.

Additionally, as PRP is not a pharmaceutical, no one is paying millions of dollars to research it and prove that it should be covered in order to make billions off of its prescription. Currently the procedure is done at private clinics and no one wants to shell out that kind of cash.

Don't let your insurance dictate your health decisions. Do what's right for you.